Pancakes & Waffles

1/3   cup canola oil 
2     eggs 
1 1/2 cups milk, approx.
2     cups flour  , self rising
Place 2 cups self rising flour in mixing bowl.  In a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, put in the oil and 2 eggs.  Then add milk up to the two cup mark.  Pour liquids into the flour and whisk until lumps are gone, but do not over mix!  You will destroy your bubbles!
To make pancakes:
Heat a skillet, add about 1 tsp oil or spray with oil.  Add about half a cup of batter, swirl around to make the pancake level.  When bubbles have formed on the top of the pancake, flip.  Remove from heat when second side is golden.
To make waffles:
Preheat waffle iron while making the batter.  Pour into waffle iron, remove when it beeps that they’re done.
8  Servings

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